Zoie Wilson
Birth Care & Arts

Yoga Privates are a perfect way to start a yoga practice, or enhance a seasoned practitioner's understanding of the subtle intricacies of, "the art of yoga". Fundamentals can be covered with ease and patience.

Attention can be devoted to clarifying and perfecting techniques, which will save time in the long run, and help avoid risk of injury due to common simple misunderstandings.

You will feel safe & grounded from the beginning.

Take the opportunity to improve your practice and see immediate results.

Prenatal Yoga: Breathing techniques, asanas (postures), understanding the body in preparations for challenges in labor, yoga empowers positive birthing experiences, connection to our natural self to align with our body's natural energy.  

Postnatal Yoga: The body needs our complete attention and rest during postpartum. Uterine ligaments are avascular and very slow to heal. Proper healing and typical recovery takes 3-4 months. With this in mind, yoga and breathing at comfortable levels can allow muscles to stretch and circulate blood and oxygen during your lay-in.

Yoga for Complete Beginner or Seasoned Yogi/Yogini: Yoga I teach is independent of any fixed school or approach but rather guided by classic yogic texts and intuition. Yoga itself guides our natural intelligence to evolve, helps us to free the body of pain and dysfunction, resolve the mind's confusion and to help the spirit surface and thrive.

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