Fatima Areddad is a mother of four, living in a historical village Tawersit in the Sahara of North Africa

We shared what her community provided her after each of her births. 40 days, she said is important. It was found long ago on papyrus writings in Mesopotamia about the importance of caring for the mother 40 days post-birth. 

She explained she rested while other women took care of her in her village. Lazigh, she says is rosemary tea that is used to help eliminate and cleanse the body after birth. The seed of Halba, fenugreek, is mixed with dates as a luxury treat that promotes the healthy flow of breastmilk.

In the Sahara, there are 150 species of dates that grow within this region. A powerhouse food energizing the body, rich in minerals and vitamins.

She explained that when women give birth they are open, and to protect her spirit they burn Bkhour, (an incense women would burn around themselves since the time of Antiquity), around her space and baby for 40 days to keep the devil spirits away.

Zit el Betta she said, is an oil mixed with herbs that was massaged onto her belly, around her hips, and lower back and then wrapped to bring her strength and comfort.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom Fatima, I am blessed with your gifts.

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