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INNATE Postpartum Care | Online Class for Pregnant Mothers

€297.00 EUR

An INNATE Postpartum Care Online Class for Pregnant Mothers

Traditional Postpartum Healing with Zoie Wilson

 A lot of us have internalized not asking for help and thinking going through this time alone is normal. Not this time. And whether you have tons of help, or very little support- knowing what to do, how to do it, and why will allow you to advocate for the care you actually need, want, and desire.

Traditional healing practices encourage faster recovery in Postpartum. Postpartum is meant to be pleasurable, slow, and nourishing.

When you plan for your immediate postpartum, you gain confidence in the direction of creating a healthy environment for these week by week milestones for your newborn and as parents.

I invite those (your partner, family members, close friends) who will be supporting you after birth to attend this class with you.

What to expect:

- Physiological education of postpartum as preventative medicine (perinatal mood disorders, divorce, sexual, hormonal, pelvic health...)

- Speed recovery + tend to specific body needs from growing/birthing life

- Postpartum foods & herbs for healing (recipes)

- Evolutionary Rest

- Bodywork for Mother, Womb, + Baby (demos)

- Traditional Healing + Plant Medicine + Self-Care Practices

- Restoration of Systems vs. Depletion and Stress

- Creating + Sustaining Intuitive Family Flow

- Creation of Your Family’s Postpartum Plan

- Connecting to Personal + Motherly Purpose

- Postpartum as Ceremonial Rite, Placenta Care, Rituals

- Resources to Nourish

All participants will receive a guide packet for essential self-care practices and one-to-one support throughout this 3-week period.

WhenBegins March 7-21, 3 week online classes, 2-hour  LIVE ZOOM every Sunday @ 11am EST / 17h European Time.

Choose a date that best corresponds before your baby's arrival. (Found in Purchases)

This community course has limited space for 9 couples/mothers.

What people are saying:

"Zoie has been a god-send to me and my family. Her heart is for others and it's obvious in her work and her life. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have as a postpartum guide and doula - I am now eight months postpartum and she continues to hold space for me and my motherhood in a a way I've not encountered before. Don't hesitate to contact her!" - Sophie

"Zoie is an incredibly informed, wholistic Doula, taking into account the natural cycles and rhythms of the feminine body, within the realistic structures of the world we live in. She cares deeply for the feminine experience and works to uplift, encourage and enlighten women right where they are at, to aide in the incredibly intimate experience of birth and postpartum. She listens before she informs and comes along side instead insisting her way. What a gift it is to welcome Zoie and her expertise to join you along your journey of birth and becoming." - Joelle


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