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INNATE Postpartum Care - Planning for the 4th Trimester Class

€225.00 EUR

The Class:

April 29th & 30th, 10:00-15:00h

You just gave birth and now what? What do you need in order to be supported? What does a supportive postpartum feel like? Will I be able to sleep? Can I recover? In what ways will my life change?

Do you crave a different postpartum experience for your second of third child because you happened to experience your postpartum in depression/blues during your first weeks, months, or even years after birthing? Were you extremely tired, did you experience feelings of helplessness, anxiety, or even felt pressure to mother 'correctly'?

These are all feelings and questions new and current parents have when a newborn baby arrives. Planning for your postpartum is the first step to empowering your family and the supportive outcome you're looking to have. So let's get started!

What can I expect?

- Prevention of long to short term health problems like postpartum blues/depression, perinatal mood disorder, urinary incontinence (peeing involuntarily), uterine prolapse (uterus falling out of your vagina), mental health deterioration, hair loss, stress, poor/weak digestion, etc.

- Resting after birth, why resting matters

- Warmth after birth and it's cross-cultural importance in postpartum

- Postpartum foods and herbs: Warm in Temperature, Warm in Nature, Easy-to-Digest, Nutrient Dense Food After Birth

- Bodywork (specific to postpartum)

- How to direct your partner and family participation during your postpartum

- Protect your health by learning to identify the stress responses

- Restoring your hormonal balance after birth

- Learn how to tend to your needs by claiming your right to health

- Community support, resources to your local community

- Finalize a custom postpartum plan for your family


- Closing & Birth Story Ceremony (approx. 6-weeks after all participant's babies are born for community acknowledgement and witnessing, food and tea will be served)

Who can I invite?

Your partner or a family member who will be supporting you after birth are welcome to attend this class with you.

When can I take this class?

You can take this class at anytime during your pregnancy.

 Location:  Paris 18ème | Montmartre Studio Ramey

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