INNATE Postpartum Care -

Preparing for the 4th Trimester Course

with Zoie Wilson

Having a baby is a ceremonial rite. To orient yourself as a new mother you will need optimal resourcing. This class creates a woven fabric of integral care and healing to ensure life long health well after the birth.

When you plan for your immediate postpartum, you gain confidence in the direction of creating a healthy environment for these week by week milestones for your newborn and as parents.

Why plan?

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 women experience one or more symptoms of perinatal mood disorders, postpartum depression, uterine prolapse to name a few of these preventable symptoms. These alarming statistics are preventable through body literacy and education, preparation for treatments and self care, and a community tribe.

Women are misled to believe they can handle it all, thinking they can call for their breastfeeding counselor, a call or two from their midwife, and take care of the problems when families start to experience  overwhelm to the new adaption of LIFE. Families soon realize after the birth how much support they actually needed. Immediate postpartum is a recovery period for the entire family, for when stress takes over, it effects our mental health and mothers think something is wrong with them. Stress is a symptom of dysfunction. This is why we plan to create a cushion into a healthy and strong family.

When should I take the class?

I recommend anytime between 25-35 weeks gestation, this gives you optimum time plan ahead and feel good before the baby arrives.

What do I receive?

A concrete plan for your family's needs. You'll receive a guide packet for essential self-care practices and one-to-one session.

What can I expect?

- Physiological education of postpartum to prevent imbalances  (perinatal mood disorders, divorce, hormonal, pelvic health)

- Tending to the postpartum body : Bodywork for mother and your womb

- Postpartum foods and herbs  (recipes)

- Evolutionary Rest, why rest matters

- Why warmth is important in postpartum

- Postpartum Self-Care Practices

- Understanding how to restore your hormonal balance after birth

- How to identify stress responses that inhibits your healing

- How to feel at ease and tended to during your 40 days

- Creation of Your Family’s Postpartum Plan

- Connecting to Personal and Motherly Purpose

- Clear communication for partner and family participation during your postpartum

- Resource directory for holistic healthcare practitioners, doulas, breastfeeding, and local community support.

Who can I invite?

Your partner, family members, or close friends who will be supporting you after birth are welcome to attend this class with you.

Can I invite my doula?

This class is intended for pregnant women and her supportive community tribe. This is not an educational course for birth workers.

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INNATE Postpartum Care - Preparing for the 4th Trimester
with Zoie Wilson

What are people saying?

"If you feel drawn to this workshop, don't hesitate to do so and follow what your heart tells you because this class addressed all my questions, valuable themes, and the most important things in life. There were certain questions that came up for me during the class that I felt I could ask because of the sense of trust I could feel with Zoie and the group. I am very thankful--it is such a precious gift." - Catherine

"Zoie has been a god-send to me and my family. Her heart is for others and it's obvious in her work and her life. I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have as a postpartum guide and doula - I am now eight months postpartum and she continues to hold space for me and my motherhood in a a way I've not encountered before. " - Sophie

"I was looking for how to structure my postpartum time for my second pregnancy. I left the course feeling all of that and so much more. I feel very empowered over my body and learned a lot of new things that I didn't know that my body could do, or that my body goes through during pregnancy and after the birth even though I've gone through all that once! I feel so knowledgeable and empowered. I feel so prepared with a concrete action plan with things I will choose to do or not do. I felt the course had a great balance between informational content  on the technical needs of the female body as well as the open discussion on the role of the mother within a community, and the role of the community in supporting the mother-- and in doing so supporting the baby and future generations. Thank you so much Zoie."- Alix

"Zoie is an incredibly informed, wholistic Doula, taking into account the natural cycles and rhythms of the feminine body, within the realistic structures of the world we live in. She cares deeply for the feminine experience and works to uplift, encourage and enlighten women right where they are at, to aide in the incredibly intimate experience of birth and postpartum. She listens before she informs and comes along side instead insisting her way. What a gift it is to welcome Zoie and her expertise to join you along your journey of birth and becoming." - Joelle

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