What did you think about motherhood (or being woman) as a young girl/young woman/mature woman? 

Since I am 8 years old I was dreaming to find a prince and live happy ever after. I saw my grandparents falling asleep holding hands and I thought, being an adult and a woman meant being in love and having a family.

I discovered myself as being much wilder than the ‘good girl’ I was raised to become. I went out with many men from all ages and backgrounds, my longest relationship was with a woman, I spend months being single too, along the journey I followed my guts and went for the unconventional. 

For me, motherhood is an energy, which I am feeling in my heart since forever, it’s something I’ll cultivate with experience at my own pace.

For now, I am preparing myself together with my partner to welcome our child in our lives whom we call our lemon. I have to add here that my partner is a great support, with him I grow and flourish which has an immediate impact on the quality of my presence and the work I develop.

What specific experiences from your life did you have that shaped or changed your view/work on motherhood? 

I’m very lucky that since many years I’ve followed the teachings of some amazing women (my number one inspiration is like a mother to me, Diane Monette AKA Bhakti). I’ve spent days and nights with them feeling the power of the directions, the elements, Mother Nature. Being held in the arms of ‘the immense potential’ of the universe inside my uterus, for me they are medicine women. 

My grandmothers are both devoted to prayers, one prays to Mother Marie and the other meditates every day. I guess their prayers have also brought a great support for my inner search. 

What shaped your career into working closely with women to help them through this life transition?

Regarding my profession, at the end of my first water relaxation training I spent time with a midwife, we exchanged a lot, holding each other and dancing in the sea. She was certain that water relaxation was powerful for birth preparation. This sent me straight into the desire to develop water relaxation for pregnancy. I now have my own practice, which I teach regularly in a wonderful pool in Portugal.

How did growing up in France shape your perception and idea culturally about motherhood or about being a woman?

Being raised in Paris I was quite conservative and cared a lot about my image, and trying to get things perfect all the time, but I’ve also spent years living in a shared house in Hackney with girls from South America. We created a collective of 13 women called GIRLCORE more than 10 years ago. We celebrated freedom of being women and promoted female talent in the London scene. They showed me how to move, how to dance, to bring music into my daily life, explore my sexuality and creativity.

If there was something I could change it would be to create time and space for more music and movement. We can keep on being sophisticated but we should relax a little more, be less in the mind and let our body talk.

Why water?

I choose to work in water because it rests my mind. In the water I feel free of my movements. In the deep sea as well as in certain pools, I find silence and peace, which is very healing.

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