A class to support you after birth.

Having a baby is a ceremonial rite. To orient yourself as a new mother you will need optimal resourcing. This class creates an interwoven fabric of care and healing to ensure long-term health long after your birth.

When you plan for your immediate postpartum, you will gain confidence in the creation of a supportive environment for you and your family.

Why should I plan?

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 women experience one or more symptoms of perinatal mood disorders, postpartum depression, uterine prolapse to name a few of these preventable symptoms. These alarming statistics are preventable through bodywork, rest, nutrient dense postpartum foods, and community support.

Women are misled to believe they can do it all, thinking they can call their breastfeeding counselor or see their doctor, gynecologist, midwife, or therapist when problems and OVERWHELM in the family start to arise to the new adaptation to LIFE. Although this may seem 'great', it does not provide long-term assurance of the family's health.

Unfortunately, many families realize soon after  the birth how much help they actually needed. Postpartum is a recovery period for EVERYONE in the family, when stress takes over, it directly effects the mental health of everyone in the family and the result is: the mother begins to think something is wrong with her.

Stress is an indication of dysfunction. This is why we create a plan to organize a harmonious flow for your growing family so that you feel good.

When should I take the class?

Anytime during pregnancy. I recommend between 25-35 weeks gestation, as this gives you optimum time plan ahead and feel good before your baby arrives.

You will go home with:

- A customized postpartum plan for your family
- Applicable tools and information about postpartum healing for health and well being
- Incredible resources for your postpartum period

What can I expect?

- Physiological education of postpartum to prevent long and short term health issues  (perinatal mood disorders, postpartum depression, divorce, hormonal, pelvic health...)

- Bodywork (specific to postpartum)

- Postpartum foods and herbs 

- Radical Rest, why resting matters

- Warmth and it's cross-cultural importance in postpartum

- Restoring hormonal balance after birth

- How to direct partner and family participation during your postpartum

- Protect your health by learning to identify stress responses

- Learn how to tend to your needs by claiming your right to health

- Resourcing to the community

- Customized postpartum plan for your family

Frequently Asked Questions

How is taking Innate Postpartum Care - Planning for the 4th Trimester class different than having a postpartum doula?

The postpartum planning class will give you the tools to understand what your body is going through physiologically and plan according to those needs. A postpartum doula may be there to clean, hold baby, change diapers, and cook. These are not serving the actual needs of a postpartum mother.

This class is to empower you to build your own sacred space, you'll learn how your body functions inside and out, and create new awareness of putting yourself in charge by knowing exactly what you need.

My birth preparation course talks about postpartum, why then should I take this Innate Postpartum Care - Planning for the 4th Trimester class?

Birth preparation courses may have a small section where they briefly talk about postpartum. It is not anywhere near in depth about what you will learn in this two day dedicated class.

When you plan, you'll be ready to experience the best.

Do you have a refund policy?

I have a strict-no refund policy. So please make sure that this class is right for you and that the times and dates work with your schedule.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept credit cards or Paypal.

What if the women in my area are not interested in being supported during postpartum?

Then this class is for you! An important aspect of this class focuses on establishing a community of sisterhood, right where you are, with other women and men who also want real support throughout this life-changing moment in their lives.

This class will show you how to have your own unique experience of postpartum and be a beacon of light for other women to be inspired to create theirs!

Most importantly, I'll be guiding you to sustain that support of women by breaking down barriers that unravel the ways in which your limiting beliefs are holding you back from getting the support you know deep down you've always deserved.

Can my partner come?

Yes! In fact, he is encouraged to come! The more your partner knows about what you will be experiencing in postpartum, the better he can support you!

Can my doula come with me?

No, this class is for you and other mothers like you who want sisterhood during your moment of pregnancy.

During what point of my pregnancy can I take this class?

Come at any moment of your pregnancy. The earlier, the better so you can be sure you'll have enough time to plan ahead!

Date and Time:

April 29th & 30th


Paris, 18ème

Studio Ramey Montmarte

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INNATE Postpartum Care- Planning for the 4th Trimester Class
with Zoie Wilson


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