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Individual Postpartum Treatments - Paris Region

€150.00 EUR

Massage Rebozo and Adbominal Massage

This one hour massage will deeply relax your body allowing you to obtain a sense of calm. The rebozo fabric gently moves and manipulates the myofascia (connective tissue that separates and holds the muscles, organs, blood vessels, bones, nerve fibers in place).

The warming oil 30 minute abdominal massage detoxifies and stimulates the organs back into place after birth. Helps with digestive issues, uterine placement, and re-aligns the energetic body in postpartum.

1h-1h15 Massage Rebozo

30min Abdominal Massage (including back)

Price: 150€

Massage Rebozo and Warming Moxa Treatment

You receive a one hour full body rebozo massage to move lymph and detoxify the postpartum body. This treatment includes deep penetration of the warming herb moxabustion (mugwort) that moves into the blood vessels and warms the entire body by placing the heated herb moxa above womb or lower back for 40 minutes to an hour. The moxa moves stagnation to prevent blood deficiency in your lay-in during postpartum. It tonifies your abdomen, spleen, helps ligaments return to pre-pregnancy state, builds blood & chi, and returns internal organs to proper pre-pregnancy positioning. This treatment will make you feel regenerated and bring a deep sense of calm. It increases overall energy in the body for faster postpartum healing. 

This session acknowledges the healing and strengthening of your womb and other organs.

1h-1h15 Massage Rebozo

40min Moxa Treatment

Price: 200€

Closing Bones Ceremony

Closing Bones Ceremony celebrates a new transition in life (becoming a mother, becoming a father, moving to a new country, a separation from a partner...). 

This ceremony supports the physical body through a 1h massage, releasing tensions, and bringing balance to the lymphatic, nervous, and immune system. The 30min hot suana re-heats the body in postpartum. Comforting and regenerating. The 1h of wrapping the rebozo's from head-to-toe helps to acknowledge a closing of a chapter in one's life. This ceremony provides the feeling of being cocooned, cared for, and gives space to re-orient to life. 

This cermony ritual is rooted in the original practices of bone setters and birth workers throughout Mexico, Central, and South Americas.   

Price: 300€

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