Marisa Bai is a mother of 2 boys and deeply passionate about women, birth, babies and family life. She is the owner of Birth and Beyond Paris and co-owner of Rebozo Therapy with Anne Belargent. Marisa is a doula and massage therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum. 

I was raised in a multicultural family, with a French mother and a Japanese father and early on in my life I learnt that difference brings you strength. Strength that can be called patience, perseverance, benevolence and love.

I am a great believer in always trusting your instinct, that precise moment that you trust your heart and soul. Our mother nature reminds us everyday that we must be more sensible to the messages from our body, mind and our earth.

I have always been interested in people’s well-being and human science since a young age and ask many questions about health and well-being.

Why do people get physically and emotionally ill? Why does medicine help save lives, but not always? How can the smell of a flower remind you of a deep memory and move you to tears? Why do you feel lonely even surrounded by people? How you can heal after a family tragedy? Why did my morning sickness while pregnant disappeared instantly when I ate my father’s Japanese comfort food? And why is nature a healing force alone…

I discovered yoga & meditation when I was a nineteen year old university student in Tokyo, in the middle of a self-searching journey. And I never stopped yoga since. It became a life journey, and made me a stronger, calmer, and happier human.

I am convinced that yoga & meditation could save a lot of us in a more gentle and deeper way. I feel honored and blessed to be able to share this incredible knowledge around me.

I pursued my wellness and well-being journey by completing additional training such as Abhyanga massage (traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage), Thai-yoga massage, Reiki (energy healing), Yoga therapy (Ishta yoga 500h, Yoga Therapy 1000h) and a Doula course.I am currently studying acupuncture.

The births of my two sons changed my perspective on life itself, and confirmed what I really want to do for the rest of my life - support women with their choices and their experiences of birth, parenthood and beyond. Through my work I seek to to remind myself and those I work with that we are all together in this journey called Life.

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