Doula Care

Traditional Birth Witness - Birth Doula

I help you navigate your process of planning and manifesting your birth without fear.  The woman's body has an inherent physiologic design to birth and recover. 

A woman's wisdom lies in her body, we work together to surface or re-surface your personal power & baby communication intuitively.  

We will dismantle the myth that birth is a medical event when in fact, birth is a natural human event.

Prenatal Meetings before Birth

-Preparing mind, body, and spirit for birth

- Holistic Stages of Labor

- Body Sovereignty 

- Evidence Based Library & Resources

- Partner Integration 

- Understanding common myths about pregnancy, birth, & postpartum

- Navigating risks + complications

- Nutritional + Herbal Consulting

- Where to birth, what questions to ask during research

- Emotional & Mental support with breathing,  deep visualisations, & baby connection

- Breastfeeding support & resources

- Understanding Postpartum

I believe in your ability to birth.


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