Mary Reiner and Hailey Slides are the co-owners of Birth Blossoms, a homebirth based midwifery care based in Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. 

From conscious conception, prenatal care, to postpartum and beyond, these midwives believe that: "You will ‘blossom’ most productively when cared for in the style that ‘fits’ you." Home birth. Water birth. Anywhere you birth so you feel at home. 

They also host a variety of classes from yoga, capoeira, babywearing and breastfeeding classes. 

Mary is an earthy matron with a vast array of common world experience whose career track has been 'mothering' for the last 40+ years.

After being exposed to home birth at an early age and later having children of her own Haley decided to go into Midwifery to help women feel empowered and safe.

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