Sonia and Dawn Bond are a mother and daughter duo as owners of Bell House Birth Services in Stuart, Florida. They provide a variety of doula support, educational support/workshops, placenta variations, and birth art. Community center that encapsulates family wellness. 

How is it to work together as a mother and daughter duo?

Honestly it just all fell into place to work together. I committed myself to this work at the same time that her partners fell away due to work and geographical conflicts, so it just developed. 

It can be hard to work together as a team, because we are very different people and sometimes setting aside the parent/child relationship can be hard. But I honestly think it leaves us more well rounded overall.

How did growing up in the United States influence and shape your perception about being a woman?

My formative years growing up were in a very conservative midwest area where women are expected to be submissive and mostly mothers. Women didn’t nurse in public and bodies are ALWAYS covered. 

Sex was never discussed past «Don’t do it until you are married ». As I started to get older and discover myself, I was viewed as promiscuous and rebellious for my clothing choices and being very outspoken and independent. I definitely acted out and pushed limits to make a point. Looking back, I am sure there was more positive and effective ways I could have responded. 

I know in my heart that women are strong and should have the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgement and retribution. I now have daughters who I have raised to feel free and strong to be who they are. They both are very different from each other and I believe they always feel confident in their authenticity. 

What do you think is most important for women and their families during this transition into motherhood & family unit? 

Go with your gut. Listen to the voice that is instilled in you and don’t worry about what others think. Take the advise that works and drop the rest without hesitation. 

This is YOUR life, YOUR body, YOUR family.

What in particular drove you to work in birth?

I saw how beautiful my birth went because of the support I had of my doula.

It took me years to commit to working in the birth field, but it weighed on my heart until I finally realized it was a calling that would never stop.

The longer I work as a doula, the more my passion and committment grows and evolves.

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